photos by Emily White

Do you love organic foods? Do you school all of your friends on herbal tinctures, natural remedies, and healing teas? Join our happy, whole-foods-focused team at Integral Yoga Natural Foods, Charlottesville, VA!


Why Work Here?

Working at IYNF has a myriad of benefits. You get to work around awesome organic foods, make connections with local vendors, and learn about healthy, whole-foods living. Our team is positive and committed to creating a friendly, fun environment for our customers.  


The longer you work with us, the better the benefits. Immediately, you can opt in to a store discount and exclusive product discounts. After 6 months you can get discounts on trainings and workshops at Yogaville. After a year, you can participate in a workshop or training completely free. We also offer paid vacation after 1 year of full-time work.

Career Paths  

Team Member: As a Team Member you will be assigned to one or two sections in the store, either Grocery, Produce, Bulk, Health and Body Care, or Cooler/Freezer. Most Team Members are also cashiers, and float between their section and the cash register.

Deli & Juice Bar Associate: As a  Deli & Juice Bar Associate you will be working solely in our fresh juice bar and deli. You will be responsible for making juices, smoothies, wheatgrass shots, sandwiches, wraps, raw foods, and cutting/stocking cheeses. This job is great for sociable types! 

Section Manager: As a Section Manager you do all of the ordering for your area: bread, grocery, produce, bulk, cooler/freezer, cheese, supplements & cosmetics, and miscellaneous. You will be responsible for organizing and beautifying your section. This position comes with some elements of creative control, as the positioning and overall aesthetic of your section are mostly up to you.

Internal Affairs Manager: These Managers work in any one of the following areas: security, inventory, tech, overall management, and accounting. 

To Apply

You can download a PDF of the application by clicking hereYou can submit your application online by sending an email to: manager at iyfoods dot com

Or, stop by the store and pick up a hard copy of the application to fill out and submit at

923 H Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, 22903.