1. We offer products made with wholesome sweeteners (agave, raw cane sugar, honey, etc.). You won't find refined, hybridized, high-fructose anything here.

2. We are committed to offering non-transgenic produce. All of our produce is organic or locally-grown, and all of our local growers have pledged to never grow GMO crops. 

3. We strive to provide products that are free of chemical preservatives, artificial colors, and fake flavors. Shop knowing that the food you're buying is simply that: food. To see a complete list of banned ingredients, click here.  

4. We only carry cruelty-free items that have not been tested on animals.

5. A significant portion of our products are Fair Trade. We strive to remain abreast of Fair Trade issues and buy accordingly. 

6. We are proud to support local businesses, and, in fact, carry over 40 local brands.  Check out our Local Features page for more info. 

7. We cater to special-diets, and offer a great selection of gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, nut-free, and raw products. 

8. Located inside of IYNF is our juice bar and smoothie bar;  it's the only juice bar in Charlottesville that uses only certified Organic and/or local, pesticide-free produce. Because of our high standards, our juices and smoothies are incredibly flavorful and nutritious. Check out our juice and smoothie menus.

9. It is important to us to be involved in improving our community. We donate to various charities throughout the year, from small single person initiatives like the Local Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and the Charlottesville Free Clinic.  

10. We strive to make organic, natural, and whole foods available to those who can most benefit. That is why we offer a 10% discount for students (UVA, PVCC) and seniors every day. Check our Monthly Sales page for more great deals, and sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and updates.

11. We are proud to be sponsors of the Non-GMO Project. A great majority of our products are verified Non-GMO.