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Bag Nickel Program
IYNF gives a nickel back to each customer for every full-sized grocery
bag that the person reuses, rather than getting a new bag from us.  
Customers may keep or donate their nickels.  Every three months we
choose a different organization to receive customers’ bag nickels.   We
have donated to the following organizations during the last year:

  •                Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
  •                Habitat for Humanity-Charlottesville
  •                SARA (Sexual Assault Resource Agency
  •                The Haven at First & Market

IYNF donated over $1000 in 2011 through our bag nickel program.

Ongoing food donations to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank  
Integral Yoga has a receptacle set up in the store for customers to
make food donations throughout the year.  We also donate a significant
proportion of items that we are no longer able to sell-such as items that
go out of date.  In 2011 we donated over 900 lbs of food.