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About Barefoot Kombucha
"Barefoot Bucha is made in a base of pure mountain water and infused with the finest
ingredients available. All ingredients are Certified Organic and are Fair Trade
whenever possible. Our brewer is an expert in artisanal kombucha, with over eight
years of consistent experience in developing delicious and healthful kombucha.
Barefoot Bucha is a small business that is deeply committed to sustainability. With our
returnable bottles and local distribution, we maintain an extremely low carbon footprint.
Barefoot Bucha believes in good health, sustainable business practices, and our
ability to positively impact the world through the choices we make every day.  We think
you'll appreciate our efforts to bring you the best-tasting and most earth-friendly
kombucha around. "

We are currently offering Elderflower & Ginger Flavors!!!!